Solar Power

Tracer MPPT Solar Controller - 30 amp 12/24 volt

This is the new Tracer AN Series MPPT controller, only recently released.

MPPT 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller 12/24 Volt

This is the new Tracer AN Series MPPT controller, only recently released.

150W Mono Solar KIT

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Whether you are going camping in the mountains or taking a trip to the beach,get your off the grid system up in a flash with this complete 150W Installation Kit!

Designed and manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure longer life and excellent performance. These mono-crystalline solar modules are designed for the most rugged off-grid applications and will continue to perform during temperature extremes, early morning, late afternoon or overcast conditions.

150 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel


Suntellite Solar Panels are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver high-quality and cost-effective products to a large range of residential, commercial, industrial customers world wide.


Camec 100W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel

Camecs mono-crystalline solar panel range uses only A-Grade solar cellls throughout ensuring the panels will effectively generate as much current as possible with the available sunlight supplied. All solar cells are individually tested to ensure they meet A-Grade specifications before being assembled into a final panel. This way we can gaurantee that the power rating of the panel is true and not overstated.

260W GEN 5 Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel - 36V


The GEN 5 BSG 260W Multi-Crystalline PV Panel is a 4 Bus Bar segmented panel design (4BB), has a NANO Self Cleaning Coating. The 260W solar panel was designed in Australia, gaining first hand experience to meet the range of extreme conditions faced in the Australian and New Zealand environment.


WAECO Portable Solar Panel - 12V, 80W


Portable folding solar panel kit - 12 volt, 80 watt

A WAECO solar panel is an alternative power source you can use to charge your batteries. It has an inbuilt 10 amp heavy duty voltage regulator and adjustable feet so that you can direct it to towards the sun throughout the day.


SRNE Solar Charge Controller 40AMP - MPPT with LCD Display


SRNE series MPPT charge controllers are the new standard in advanced maximum power point tracking. Four stage charging mode with various auto temperature and auto load control functions, for fast and effective charge control.

The controller allows you to specify battery type including Lithium, has an on-board LCD display to view solar input, battery status, charge status and much more.


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