Powrtouch Heavy Duty Single Axle Caravan Mover


Save your back with the Powrtouch Mover!

Providing effortless parking at the touch of a button and further comfort to RV enthusiasts, Powrtouch caravan movers will make caravanning life even easier not only on holiday, but also when it comes to moving your caravan or trailer in and out of the garage at home.

The Powrtouch Heavy Duty Single Axle Mover is designed and built with a reduction gearbox and slimline motor to provide maximum moving power to the caravan wheels.

Suitable for up to 1 an 4 slopes the Powrtouch Heavy Duty also features the Powrbar cross actuation system and hand held remote for smooth and precise control over the position and direction of your Caravan or Trailer (even 360º with single axle vans) on a level surface!

Dont believe us? Check it out on YouTube!



  • Lightweight yet extremely robust construction with effective corrosion resistant paint system
  • Light weight cast alloy rollers with unbeatable traction and exceptionally long life expectancy
  • Simple and easy width adjustment to suit all Caravans.
  • Purpose built motor and gearbox specifically designed to generate extraordinary torque
  • Advanced electronics control system to ensure smooth and effortless remote controlled operation
  • TUV Approved
  • Designed and Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000
  • Intelligent design to give maximum ground clearance
  • Excellent flexibility of movement and caravan control with 4 speed control settings and the ability to turn the caravan whilst still in motion (i.e. no need to stop the caravan to turn to a different direction)
  • Operates efficiently in a range of environments, including gravel and soft surfaces
  • Ability to work up to 1 in 4 gradient slopes
  • Unique sensitive soft start to allow millimetre accuracy in caravan positioning
  • Corrosive resistant materials, electro-plating and epoxy paint systems are used to prolong life
  • Easily transferable to a new or upgraded caravan
  • Included back up cable can be used, should radio interference be experienced with remote
  • Two low battery indicator lights on the handset (one for the handset battery and one for the caravan battery)
  • Powrbar cross actuation allows both rollers to be engaged or disengaged from one side of the caravan
  • Heavy duty design suitable for NewZealand single and twin axle caravans using 6 and 10 mm plate construction
  • For your safety a unique isolation switch is fitted to the caravan to prevent accidental use of the Powrtouch and to prevent battery drain when not in use
  • For additional safety there is an automatic 20 minute power cut off should the isolation switch be in the on position and the Powrtouch not operated - use isolation switch to reactivate
  • Unique two button switch to prevent accidental activation
  • Built in motor overload protection (current and temperature)
  • Automatic braking occurs immediately on button release


Additional Information

Model Powrtouch 5S
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Average Current consumption 20A
Max Current Consumption 80A
Speed 16.5 cm/sec
Roller Engagement Manual (Standard)
Electronic (Optional)
Permissible Overall Weight
(Flat Surface)
2500 Kg
Permissible Overall Weight
(1 in 4 slope)
1500 Kg
Min Battery Capacity Required 12V 85Ah
Weight of Unit - Complete 40 Kg
Warranty 3 Years


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